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Finding Peace in a Busy Mind

Do you have a busy mind and/or would like to bring more calmness into your life combined with learning how to meditate?



Then Mindfulness and the 6-week course "Finding Peace in a Busy Mind using Mindfulness" might be of interest to you.

"Finding Peace in a Busy Mind” is a 6-week course, combining mindfulness, meditation and a bit of gentle yoga stretches. You will be introduced to mindfulness, the advantages, how it influences your brain and general well-being. You will get meditation recordings you can listen to at home from week to week. The course is based on the 8-week evidence-based Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course from Center for Mindfulness at UMass University.

When will we Meet: 


Home practices:

Meditation recordings you can listen to at home. For best result on a daily basis.




The content:

The below diagram shows the themes we will go through:

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