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What You Practice Grows Stronger:

Five week free online course for Internationals

During these Corona days it is easy to let fear and anxious behavior take over. Thus, in a time like this it is even more important that we stay grounded, rooted, mindful and that we practice not to miss out on the good moments in life.

We are wired up to take in the negative experiences - what scientists call a negativity-bias. Rick Hanson, neuroscientist and phychologist at UC Berkeley, says “The brain is like velcro for negative experiences, but teflon for positive ones”. So by training the brain to take in the good experiences (even very tiny ones) we can increase our overall well-being.

This 5-week course starts Wednesday, April 1, from 3 to 4 pm and runs until Wednesday, April 29.

The course will be taught online through Zoom. You sign up here and a zoom link will be send to you

Registration for 5-week course
"What you practice grows stronger"

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